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Duke Nukem Forever Coming 6th May

Duke Nukem Forever

2K games today announced that the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever is hitting release on 6th May

Duke Nukem was originally developed by Apogee for the PC back in 1991, and made it’s first appearance on consoles in 1997. Now brought upto date with a new story and a new developer (Gearbox) as it makes its way to the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC to continue the fight against the invading alien hordes, only Duke can save the world (yay Duke!!) as he fights huge alien bosses and alien shrink rays.

Duke Nukem Features:

· Return of the King of All Shooters: He’s back, baby! The King of All Shooters returns in an explosive and action packed shooter that puts pedal to the metal and tongue firmly in cheek, among other places. Kick ass from the Vegas Strip to the Hoover Dam all while serenading your ears with your favorite Duke-isms.

· Interact With the World, the Duke Way: Experience a fully interactive and immersive look into Duke’s world. Shoot hoops, lift weights, read adult magazines, draw crude messages on white boards or ogle one of the many beautiful women that populate Duke’s life; that is if you can pull yourself away long enough from kicking ass and taking names.

· Kick-Ass Arsenal Brings Puts the F-U Into Fun: Obliterate enemies in style while giving them the Duke Nukem one finger salute. Prepare to shoot enemies in the face with a bad-ass assortment of shotguns, RPGs, pipe bombs and other trademark Duke Nukem tools of destruction. That’s going to leave a mess!

Edited On 21 Jan, 2011

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