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Uncharted 3 Explorer edition detailed

It seems that GameStop UK has bagged the rights to the massive Explorer edition of Uncharted 3, the mega collectable is pegged at £104.97 by the retailer.

The Explorer’s Edition of Uncharted 3 includes a wooden travel chest that according to Eurogamer is ‘produced to a premium quality in an antique style.’ With the chest being big enough for 19 PS3 games. In addition, is a complete replica of  belt buckle worn by Drake and a full-size replica of Drake’s necklace strap.

If that wasn’t enough then you also get a Nathan Drake statue and the Special Edition journal-styled game box case as well as a voucher for some digital content.

The Downloadable Content is: ‘a London Drake Skin and Pirate AK-47 Weapon Mod for use in the Multiplayer,  an Upper Cut Taunt gesture; a Cash Multiplayer boost for online, a Special Edition Decals Pack for your avatar’s accessories. In addition, you also get weapon upgrades such as the Callout Mod for AK-4 (laser sight), Clip Size Mod for Para-9 (more ammo capacity), Clip Size Mod for G-MAL (more ammo capacity), Creepy Crawler Kickback (turn into a swarm of deadly creatures momentarily!), Carpet Bomb Kickback (throw three grenades at once) and Regeneration Booster (boost your healing power to recover more quickly).’

Source: Eurogamer

Edited On 16 Aug, 2011

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