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Darksiders II preview

Darksiders was one of the best games I had played in a long time. It had everything, awesome weapons, the ability to become stronger as the game went on, it looked frankly unbelievable and best of all it had one of the greatest endings ever to grace a video game.

War was an awesome character to play, he was strong, had a kick ass attitude and took no prisoners. Unfortunately for him, War’s been accused of bringing on the untimely end of the World through the Apocalypse and unless his brother clears his name, he may soon meet his maker. Darksiders II sees you taking on the role of Death, who learned of his brothers fate and decides that given War is the most honorable and incorruptible of the four he must be innocent. Therefore Death sets out on a mission to save his brother, kicking a whole lot of ass along the way.

Although the art style will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has played the previous game, Darksiders II is by no means more of the same. This game is bigger, badder and better, and thanks to the new protagonist the game is also a lot more different to play, given that Death is a whole different person to his brother. War was a bulky, almost barbarian style character, whereas Death is a lot faster and more agile. In addition to this, gone is War’s unbelievably large sword, and in its place Death’s trusty scythe, although that’s not to say that you won’t get other awesome weapons and abilities along the way thanks to the games new skill tree.

The demo we saw of the game was fairly short, but it still gave us an idea of what to expect. In this particular scene Death was on his way to see Lord Bones in order to clear his brothers name. As you would expect the Lord wasn’t wiling to help without something in return, therefore he sends you to defeat the Champion of the Arena, so off you set. The journey to the Champion was fraught with danger, mostly from a whole load of skeletons which kept popping up, hoping to take Death out. Luckily for Death his scythe seemed to cut through skeletons like paper, leaving a pile of bones on the floor where the skeletons used to be. It was very interesting to watch this sequence and made you realise that these undead creature were no match for Death and his Scythe.

It wasn’t long before we came across some other creature, this one a large nasty looking fly-like beast. Taking this thing down wasn’t quite so easy, with Death having to use various tactics to take it out. The same can be said for the Champion who arrived soon after. This fellow was a huge armored skeletal-like creature and the aim was to use a combination of force and your weapons, such as the ghost hook to rip his head clean off. This was easier said than done, however should you get to this point in the game your character should be strong enough to handle it.

Interestingly during our presentation we were told that Darksiders II will actually be a lot longer than the first game, which is fairly impressive considering the original spanned about 20 hours. There will also be more freedom to roam about the land, as well as side quests and a whole lot of weapons to unlock and upgrade. You will also be able to return to previous levels with new weapons in order to reach places which were pretty much inaccessible the first time around.

Yes we know you want to know about the horse. Well the good news is that rather than having to wait like you had to with Ruin in Darksiders,  Despair will be usable practically straight away, which is obviously great news when you have a large underworld area to explore.

Darksiders II looked fantastic in the latest build we saw, and according to the developer it will look just as good on any console, be it PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U.  I couldn’t wait to see it close up and I was not disappointed. The game will not be here until 2012, which is a bit too far away for my liking, however there is no point in rushing something out the door if that means the quality may be affected. So here’s to 2012 and here’s a link to the pre-order button, which I recommend you press as soon as possible.

Edited On 19 Aug, 2011

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