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Joe Danger The Movie preview

When Joe Danger launched on PSN it was quite obvious that this title came from a rather talented bunch of people. It was colourful, full of humour and had great, addictive gameplay, all of which helped it to become the best selling game on the PlayStation Network. Impressive indeed, but enough to make the people at Hello Games hang up their boots and retire to the Lake District in a caravan? Not a chance, instead they packed up the sofa and headed out to Gamescom to show off what’s next.

As with anyone who loves what they do, the guys at Hello Games wanted more, they wanted to move on and create the game that was on their minds to begin with, a huge sprawling adventure, spanning hours of gameplay and offering something different from anything else out there. So say hello and get to know Joe Danger The Movie because this is a title you are going to be spending a lot of time with come its release sometime next year.

Finding Joe Danger The Movie at Gamescom wasn’t hard, the huge banner made sure of that, while the colourful stand (which had a hidden interview area and THAT sofa in the middle) consisted of play areas which were occupied by children and adults alike. Just before we grabbed a chance to speak to Studio Founder Sean Murray, we took time to have a chat with a few of the studios other employees, and it was quite obvious from their demeanour that this was a game that they have a lot of passion for. Most of the conversations consisted of the them telling me how they loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when they were playing the game, which is something I could quite clearly see for myself in people of all ages.

After our wander around the stand it was time to talk to Mr Murray and check out the game itself, so taking our place on the sofa, (which was shipped all the way from Grant the artist’s house to Cologne) we began. So what’s different about Joe Danger The Movie? Well for one, the game now consists of numerous levels, all strung together with one of the most bizarre and over the top stories you will ever see. This sees you using all different forms of transportation to get through the story, be it a motorbike, ski’s, a jetpack or jet ski. Interestingly some vehicles, such as the jet ski are actually unlocked while playing through certain levels, and once unlocked allow you to go back and replay levels using your new vehicle.

As mentioned, the game comes with a bizarre story and although we can’t really go into details as to what this consists of, we can tell you that it’s based on all the movies you loved as a kid. What this means is that as you play through you will be involved in cop chases, Indiana Jones style rock dodging with a roller coaster twist and you will also find yourself saving the World from large invading Robots from outerspace. It may sound like the most bizarre story ever, but we are assured it will all make sense as you play through, although it’s so much fun that personally I couldn’t care less if it does make sense or not.

Having had some hands on time with the game I can say with some confidence that any fan of original will love this game. The idea behind the levels is both similar and far removed from the original. For example, the trick system is still there, allowing you pull off all manner of stunts and jumps, while you can also switch between various positions on the screen at set points. The difference now, apart from the different vehicles, is that there’s a lot more going on. You will find yourself dodging oncoming traffic, boulders, bombs, grenades and more. Sometimes the gameplay even takes a completely new twist, like when you take control of the jetpack, which offers a whole different experience than the standard Joe Danger levels.

The Level Editor also returns and although we never got to see this first hand, we understand that it will allow you a lot more freedom, giving you the ability to place all manner of obstacles, such as traffic, boulders and little men who throw bombs, in the way of the people playing through the levels.

Joe Danger the Movie is certainly shaping up nicely considering the build we saw with our own eyes was very early in development. It’s clear to see, both from the gameplay and the popularity of the game with the crowds that this is already lining up to be a big hit and we have no doubt that it will be, no danger.

Edited On 22 Aug, 2011

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