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Prey 2 preview

Prey 2 is certainly looking like an interesting game and although it was probably not one of the titles on our radar before Gamescom, it certainly is now.

The story of Prey 2 sees you playing as US Air Marshal Killian Samuels. As explained to us by the developers, Samuels was on a flight when it was sucked into an alien sphere ship and as we saw in the playthrough, despite trying to fight himself to safety, he is soon captured, awaking several years later on a planet known as Exodus.

Everyone has to make a living, and in the Planet Exodus, Samuels has put his training to good use to become a bounty hunter. It’s a good decision as this planet is a very seedy place, full of prostitution, drugs and all manner of crime. What this means is that work is fairly regular, therefore Samuels is free to explore the streets, picking up jobs and pissing off a fair few people along the way.

Although Prey 2 is an first person adventure title in the mould of Fallout, it also couldn’t be more different. One of the main differences from this and any other first person game is in the combat. Instead of the usual, duck and cover style gameplay, here you are always on the move. What this means is that whatever you’re doing you can use your weapons, be you in mid jump or hanging from a ledge. It makes for quite a change and certainly adds some pace to the game, making for full on action at all times. There is of course still a cover system for those who like to play that way, however others will find themselves vaulting over cover, climbing walls and going all out in order to catch their bounty and earn some much needed cash along the way.

Given that the city you find yourself in is a fairly bustling place, the developer had to think of a way for you to be able to pick out the seedy from the innocent and in Samuels scanner they have found the perfect solution. Using the scanner you can have a look around and separate those who are looking to cause trouble (shown as red/amber) from those who aren’t (shown as green). The scanner will also help you to detect your bounty if they are close by. Other than the scanner, Samuels also has plenty of weapons to help his catch his prey, which vary from guns to an excellent electrified bolas which helps him capture without killing.

Interestingly as you walk through the city your weapons are drawn in your holster by default, something which has been implemented to add a little more realism to the game. This was evident in the demo we were shown when the developer walked up to an innocent and drew Samuels weapon, this resulted in the creature cowering as anyone would should a gun be placed in their face. It’s probably best to be aware that Prey 2 also has a rep system, so if you do go around shooting innocents and pushing them off bridges then you will find yourself with the cops on your back.

Capturing a bounty will certainly bring up a whole lot of different scenarios. We were shown two different scenes to highlight this. In the first our bounty simply ran from the bar and after a short chase he decided to give in, at which point he was sent off alive and Samuels collected his cash. In the second scenario things were a lot different. As Samuels entered the bar all hell broke loose, with henchman coming at him from all angles which resulted in a large gun fight, swiftly followed by a chase as the bounty made a break for it.

At this point in the demo it was clear to see some of the features we mentioned above, for example,  as the bounty fired on Samuels he returned the favour mid-flight, jumping over boxes and leaping great distances in order to catch up on his breathing pay packet.  It was also obvious at this point that not all weapons are effective against all enemies. When Samuels finally caught up with the bounty the developer decided that he would show us what happens when you double cross someone and therefore he decided to kill the bounty, resulting in a rather pissed off call from his brother; Samuels was going to pay.

Although you can find a lot of bounties by wandering around, Samuels also has access to the Bounty Wire, which is accessed through the press of a button. This allows you to select a bounty quickly and easily, meaning you can dive into the game straight away, it seems a pretty good system for those who prefer to forgo the exploring.

Seeing Prey 2 in the flesh was enough to convince us that this is certainly one to look out for. Not only does the game look fantastic but it seems to play differently from anything other first person game that we have seen at the show. We can’t wait to see more of Prey 2 as its 2012 release slowly approaches and if this game is not on your Radar then we suggest you replace the batteries.

You can pre-order Prey 2 here (PS3), here (PC) and here (Xbox 360).

Edited On 21 Aug, 2011

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