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New Apps on the way for Xbox 360

Microsoft has said that it will announce a whole load of new apps for the Xbox 360 soon, with Skype likely to be one of the new additions.

The Xbox 360 already has quite a few apps including Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter and Sky, this is only just the beginning though, as explained to Eurogamer by Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live product marketing manager, EMEA.

“We’re working avidly to extend those entertainment partners. The announcement of more partners coming to the platform will give us that critical mass of content experiences. There will be announcements, so look out for those coming very, very soon.”

It seems obvious that the Xbox 360 will soon support Skype, given that Microsoft recently purchased the company for $8.5 billion in May.

As for other Apps? Well it has been rumoured that the BBC iPlayer will be making an appearance, however Microsoft wants it to be available to Gold Members only, while BBC say it should be available for all, the latter of which would be the most fair given that we already pay our TV License fee.

So what other Apps are on the way? This is anyone’s guess, we can’t wait to find out though.

Edited On 22 Aug, 2011

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