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Driver San Francisco to get full PSN release

Driver: San Francisco is to receive a full digital release on the PlayStation Network according to industry site MCV.

This wouldn’t be the first Ubisoft game to have such a release, with the Splinter Cell Collection already available on PSN.

The news was revealed by Ubisoft Reflections MD Garth Edmonson during a Gamescom panel last week, who at the time suggested it may even arrive in time for release.

“We are doing triple-A games you can download to the hard-drive. Driver is released on the PlayStation Network in a few weeks, for example. That’s the full Blu-Ray/DVD experience you can download.

“I think physical media will remain very important, but I think things are going to shift. How long that will take I’m not too sure. I don’t agree that the size of data will be the limiting factor, though, you can store this data on your hard drives.”

It’s unknown just how much the game will cost on PSN, however generally digital titles seem to be more expensive than their retail counterparts.

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You can pre-order the Driver: San Francisco Collector’s Edition (PS3 | Xbox 360) by clicking the relevant link.

Edited On 22 Aug, 2011

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