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PlayStation Home is changing

PlayStation Home is changing, in the US at least.

As part of a new reboot, the Social Platform will now focus more on gaming. According to Sony the new Home will be the “evolution from a virtual environment to a world of games, with a focus on rapidly connecting players with game content that pertains to their style and mood.”

What this means is a whole new World for fans of the service, with the Central Plaza becoming known as the hub, which according to Kotaku takes the look of a ‘futuristic airport or mall—clean, populated by virtual shoppers and travellers, and drawing some visual influence from Valve’s Portal 2.’ The whole idea is to get you into games faster.

“No longer will people come into Home and say ‘I couldn’t find anything to do,’” Jack Buser, Director of Home promised at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The Home team want to “jam fun right in your face”.

Buser says there will be “fresh games all the time” as well as places to shop and activity boards. There will also be new, games districts inspired by Action, Adventure,  Sports games and more.

What does this mean for space like the existing Home Central and Cinema? “We’re going to press the detonate button on that stuff,” said Buser.

We’ll try to find out if this update will apply to the UK and Europe too, as generally both spaces are updated by their separate regions.

Edited On 23 Aug, 2011

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