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Prototype 2 preview

The original Prototype was a fairly decent game, receiving plenty of plaudits from gamers and critics alike, however if the sequel was ever going to stand out then it had to do something bigger and better and judging by what we saw at Gamescom recently, it may just have pulled this off.

For those who don’t know, Prototype 2 is the story of James Heller, a man hell bent on destroying the blacklight virus and getting revenge on the series’ original character Mercer whom he blames for killing his family. Heller is quite similar to Mercer in that he can also shapeshift and consume people, allowing him to take over their body and memories, although Heller is now the good guys.

As we say, although there are quite a few similarities between both the previous protagonist and Heller, in other respects, both characters are quite different; for one Heller seems to be a whole lot more quick ass. This was quite clearly demonstrated in the demo when he uppercut a helicopter and deflected missiles back to their original source; we can’t say we know anyone else who can do that. Heller certainly has a lot of powerful moves, such as his Hammersmith Attack and his Slam Attack, which sees him leap onto the ground from a height and explode everything around him.

Heller isn’t just about combat though, he has some other rather nifty tricks up his sleeve. By consuming people Heller can use their knowledge to hack trucks, set off traps and conceal himself from the enemy. Heller also has a neat hunting mechanic which sends a pulse out, allowing him to find certain targets; this is also complimented by an Awareness System, which allows him to see if any of his potential consumees are being watched before making his move.

As well as consuming people, Heller can also take over numerous vehicles such as Helicopters and anything else he finds lying around. What this means is that he can use any vehicle against the enemy, meaning he can take them down without kicking their ass with his fists. We were shown a perfect example of this working in the demo when Heller released a Brawler, which the enemy were going to use against the people. To do this Heller consumed a scientist, entered the code and let all hell break loose. This resulted in a lot of killed enemies, although afterwards Heller had to try and kill the beast to stop it destroying the rest of the city.

Unfortunately we never got to see much more, or indeed play the game ourselves, since this was a hands-off presentation, however what we did see bodes well for the game. The graphics look fantastic and we also understand that there is added depth thanks to the ability to customise your character using a perks system. We were also told that Heller will be able to go anywhere that you can see in this open world game, which will no doubt add a lot more play time to the game for those who like to explore.

We have seen many great games at Gamescom this year and from what we have seen of Prototype 2 so far, this is another to add to the list. There is no doubt that there have been some big improvements to Prototype 2 which will see third person action coming to the masses. If the game is anywhere near the quality shown to us in this presentation then this is certainly one to look out for in the future.

Edited On 23 Aug, 2011

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