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Ruin to come bundled with both PS3 and Vita versions

Shuhei Yoshida has told Eurogamer in a recent interview that both the PS3 and Vita version of Ruin will be released together, in the same box.

Speaking to the site during Gamescom, Sony’s Worldwide Studios boss said, “One of the games we’re making, called Ruin, we are developing both the Vita version and the PS3 version of that title

“Both games will be packaged together. You can play the game at home on PS3, save your data on our PSN server on the cloud, and you can continue playing the game on PS Vita by downloading the save from the PSN. And you can do vice versa. It’s a continuous experience, playing the same game on PS Vita and PS3.”

To be honest this is exactly what we wanted, as it will surely encourage fans of the game to buy the Vita for the purpose of being able to play anywhere, and it seems that SCEA are not alone in thinking this way.

“There is lots of interest from publishers and developers to do that [bundle both the Vita and PS3 version together]. At Konami, Kojima-san announced the concept of Transfarring. The initial product will be between PSP and PS3, but he is also talking about between PS3 and Vita. Actually, it’s easier to create the experience on PS Vita and PS3 because the performance is much similar, and the amount of RAM is pretty similar.”

The PlayStation Vita will arrive in Japan before the year’s end. The US and Europe are expected to get the device before the end of March 2012.

Edited On 24 Aug, 2011

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