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Turn 10: No Porsche for Forza 4

EA has blocked Turn 10 from including Porsche in upcoming according to a recent interview with Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt on forzamotorsport.net.

Speaking regarding the game in general, Greenawalt turned to the subject of Porsche, saying it “Kills him” that the cars cannot be included in the game.

“While Forza Motorsport 4 will feature RUF, it will not include Porsche cars. As many of you know, since the beginning of the Forza franchise, the Porsche license has been available only through a sub-licensing deal with EA.

“In Forza 3, we were able to feature more than 35 different Porsche models by offering to collaborate with EA. For Forza 4, we were looking forward to adding even more Porsche cars, and we were especially looking forward to featuring multiple Porsche experiences in our new Autovista mode. In the end, however, EA couldn’t see their way towards collaborating again.”

Greenawalt hopes that one day EA will allow Turn 10 to include the car once again, but for now at least he seems to have accepted this fate.

“While we respect EA’s need to run their business as they see fit, we’ve regularly collaborated in the past and hope we can find our way back to that approach,” he said.

“Forza had the exclusive license for all Ferrari cars, for example, on the Xbox and PC platforms. But at the end of the day, we’ve always found that we just weren’t willing to block other racing games from having Ferraris outright, as we believed that this would do nothing but hurt the racing ecosystem.”

Greenawalt finished by apologising to fans, summing up his feelings on the whole matter.

“I’m very sorry for all of this, fans shouldn’t have to think about any of this – you should just be able to drive Porsches and Ferraris in the games you love. Porsche makes wonderful cars and I’m sorry that we won’t have them in Forza 4.”

Thanks, IGN.

Edited On 25 Aug, 2011

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