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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon jets revealed, screens released

Namco has today released a list and new screens of the jets you will be able to fly in its upcoming action title, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

There are certainly plenty big name Jets on show, such as the F-22A and the F117A, both of which are stealth crafts used by the U.S Military to take down unsuspecting enemies. On the other side of the World is the Russian Airforces’ PAK-FA, another top class, high technology stealth fighter which is hard to track down thanks to its low detection properties in regards to radar. Finally there is the F-35B Lightning II, a multipurpose fighter which is fit for any situation.

Check out all the screens for the jets below.

You can pre-order this exclusive edition from ShopTo here (PS3) and here (Xbox 360).

Edited On 26 Aug, 2011

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