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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine demo impressions

Many of my best friends will tell you that I’ve never been a fan of Games Workshop, in fact whenever visiting the town centre when I was a teen most of my time was spent standing in the rain waiting for my friends to come out of that cursed shop as I waited, watching them play on a table with their small figures. You could say that I just didn’t get it, or thought it was a bit sad, either way though my dislike of the store was bound to catch up with me eventually, namely when Games Workshop made its way to my world…video games.

Now I know there have been video games based on Games Workshop titles before, however it wasn’t until now, and the arrival of the Warhammer 40k: Space Marine demo on the PSN store that I had decided to dip my toes in the water. I’m not really sure why I downloaded this demo, but to be honest I was plesantly surprised when it finished installing and I hit the start button.

This particular demo for Space Marine sees you take control of one of the troopers in what many are describing as a game similar in vein to Gears of War, personally I don’t see it that way. Sure it takes a third person perspective, however it’s different in that there’s no cover system, oh and in that it’s just sheer, full on carnage. Seriously, as soon as the action starts it just doesn’t stop, you load up your gun and let rip, taking down a screen full of rampaging orcs along the way.

There is something so very satisfying about this game, it’s mindless violence with nowhere to hide, and it’s all the better for it. Everything you would expect to be there is; you can carry up to four weapons, not including your melee weapon; you can gain a super power up, which sees you go berserk for a limited time and, most importantly, you can take down everything in your path with your melee weapons, be it the Power Axe or Chain Sword.

Space Marine also looks great, which of course is another bonus. Again there will be comparisons to Gears of War thanks to the behind the player view and its love of blood, however should a driving game be called similar to another just because it has cars in it? I don’t think so.

With the promise of more mindless violence to come, more weapons, mutliplayer and more, who wouldn’t want to own this game? It’s great, and that is something I never thought I would say before the demo had finished installing.

Playing through the demo, again I thought back to those rainy days in Glasgow, and thankfully I came to the conclusion that chopping and shooting up Orcs in this video game is a lot more fun than what my friends were doing on that table with their figures in Games Workshop back in the day; plus there’s no messy paint involved either.

Space Marine is released next Friday on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Edited On 02 Sep, 2011

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