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PS Vita presser details features, shows retail box

Sony last night went in more detail regarding it’s new handheld, the PS Vita, at an event designed specifically for the device.

During the event Sony discussed Remote play and how it will be possible to stream games from your PS Vita via the PS3. Although Sony says this technology is still in development and may not make launch, if it carries on the great work of the PSP’s Remote Play feature then it is sure to be a winner.

Also discussed during the event, it was detailed how you will be able to use your PS Vita as a controller, providing functionality much like the Wii U. Using the Vita, players will be able to make use of the functions of the Vita, such as the touch screen, as well as using the standard Dualshock style controls of the device.

Finally, Sony also detailed it’s new AR technology for the device – Wide Area AR. This basically allows you to spread multiple AR cards spread over an area. This allows the Vita’s camera to track that entire area, meaning that you don’t have to rely on stick to one place. This essentially means you can have as big an area as you have cards to cover it. Sounds pretty neat.

Kotaku managed to get a picture of the game retail box, check it out below.

Edited On 15 Sep, 2011

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