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Kinect used to recreate Star Wars scene.

The Kinect really is an incredible bit of kit. Microsoft have really outdone themselves with the device. Since it’s release, not only have we been treated to fantastic games like Dance Central (seriously good fun) but we have also seen enterprising developers develop numerous unofficial projects and applications by connecting Kinect to their PC.

Perhaps most impressive of all of the unofficial projects so far is the work of a team at MIT. They have used Kinect to recreate the iconic Princess Leia hologram scene from Star Wars.


Okay, so it’s very low resolution, but it’s 3D. Actual holographic 3D. No glasses, no tricks. The Kinect is being used as a 3D scanner, and it’s quite amazing that an off-the-shelf game console peripheral can be utilised in such a way.

Whilst you might not have the software or equipment to produce your own holograms, you can still enjoy Dance Central if you haven’t already by picking up your own Kinect here.

Edited On 31 Jan, 2011

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