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Infamous 2 DLC and Medival Moves dated

Sony has given dates to Infamous 2: Festival of Blood and PlayStation Move title Medieval Moves.

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood arrives on PSN on October 25 in the US and October 26 in UK. The expansion adds Move support which will allow you to play both the DLC and Infamous 2 itself in this way. Festival of Blood adds in a whole lot of Vampires to the city, giving Cole a much different challenge than he is used to.

Elsewhere, Medieval Moves has been dated for November 15th. The title, from the developers of the PlayStation Moves best title so far, Sports Champion, offers Medieval Games such as Swordplay, Archery and Flinging throwing stars.

Medieval Moves supports 3D, multiple paths and unlockables and online multiplayer.

DanceStar Party, Eyepet & Friends and Carnival Island, all of which support Move, are are also dated for November 15.

Edited On 16 Sep, 2011

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