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FIFA 12 demo impressions

When it comes to new FIFA games, often it’s hard to spot the difference between last year’s title and this year’s. Usually a new mode is thrown in here and there and a few tweaks which you hardly notice are implemented into the game. Not this year. This time around FIFA has changed, so much in fact that you may have to throw out what you already know about this game and start again.

We have of course, played FIFA 12 more than most, having had an early preview of the game, before heading over to Germany and playing it again. And now, there’ the demo. The demo itself allows you to play one game, six minutes in length. Teams include the likes of Arsenal, Man City, AC Milan, Barcelona, Dortmund and Marseille, although whichever team you choose your in for a tough match.

Before starting a match you are treated to a lengthy tutorial consisting mainly of the games new defensive moves. If I were you I wouldn’t skip this. You see, Defence is where FIFA’s main changes come in and yes you will certainly notice them. Now, instead of holding down one button dow to home in on the player with the ball, instead you now have to win the ball back with a mixture of precision and timing, and believe me when I say that playing in this way, although eventually rewarding, will bring a lot of frustration to a lot of gamers. When you do get used to the defending you actually begin to appreciate just how much more realistic it is. FIFA is after all a simulation of football, so the closer it is to the real thing, the better.

Away from defence, one of my favourite moves in FIFA 12 is the ability to slow down the play with quick turn, allowing you to keep the ball close and have more control over your passing. It has to be said that, at times, when passing the ball, your jaw will hit the floor. There are moments in FIFA 12 when you get your passing game together and you can’t help but notice similarities to the way the real game is played. When you see players running into space, creating an option for you, along with the moment you cut a team open, well, it’s almost a lightbulb moment, the one you have been waiting for a football game to recreate ever since the first FIFA arrived all those years ago.

It goes without saying that the presentation in FIFA 12 looks as perfect as ever. The camera has been lowered down slightly to give a better overview of the pitch, while there have been some tweaks to the, already pretty much spot on, graphics. The commentary team also seem to be back to their usual high quality standards, with the odd classic line thrown in here and there.

Obviously we will have our full review for you soon enough, however if you haven’t downloaded the FIFA 12 demo as yet and are planning on buying the full game, then my advise would be to do so now, because FIFA 12 has upped its game, especially in defence, so if you aren’t up to speed then you are going to be left standing.

You can read our earlier preview of the game along with our chat with David Rutter here.

FIFA 12 is out later this month, you can order it from ShopTo here.

Edited On 17 Sep, 2011

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