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Square-Enix releasing Invadercade

Square-Enix have announced that they will be releasing a small form factor arcade cabinet for the iPad and iPad 2.

The cabinet will allow for the iPad to slide into the holder and perform like the original Space Invader type cabinets from Taito. The cabinet will feature a joystick and face buttons, which will sync to the iPad via an Apple dock, in addition there are internal speakers within or a headphone jack if you want those authentic sounds.

As the Invadercade offers a dock, it can be used as a power station for your iPad while you play or just as a gaming memorabilia type stand. The cost drops in at around £150, but it will not include any games. So you will need to buy Space Invaders off the App Store to get the full feel of it.

Source: VG247

Edited On 22 Sep, 2011

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