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Mortal Kombat patch available now on 360

Warner’s released a new patch for the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat, bringing with it a whole load of changes.

The changes are mainly in respect of the characters and these have all been tested and listed by fan site Mortal Kombat United.

PS3 owners will be able to get hold of the patch from next week.

Here’s the list:

Universal Changes

- blocked jumping punches provide less advantage on block

- the negative edge window has been shortened by 3 frames


- d+1 is similar to Kitana’s d+1

- EX d,f+2 travels full screen


- resets using the net have been removed; saw blade does not OTG to bomb

- 2,1~net, JP, 2,1~EX bomb, medium bomb, d+2, b+2 (one hit), 1,2,1~d,f+1 still works for 56% of damage


- staff grab (d,f+2) has push back on block

- f+4,3 is safe on block

- the second boomerang of the EX boomerang returns, even on block


- f+3 hits as an overhead


- EX knife toss has better recovery than the regular knife toss; Kano can have an EX knife and a regular knife on the screen at the same time


- EX gas blast has been fixed, so that the second hit does not hit one second later

- nomad dash cancels are slower by a couple of frames, which affects Kabal’s up close pressure game


- ground fans do 6% of damage; aerial fans do 8% of damage


- d+1 is 6 frames

- b+1 is a couple of frames faster

- teleport slam (d,u) has been slowed down but has bigger hitbox

Johnny Cage

- f+3,2 is no longer special cancelable

Kung Lao

- push back on block for spin (d,f+1) has been removed

- low hat (d,b+2) has more recovery frames on block; low hat (d,b+2) leaves Kung Lao at neutral frames on hit

- 2,4,1+2 and 2,1,2,1,2 are safe on block

Quan Chi

- super armor has been added to sky drop (d,b+3)


- teleport (d,u) has one or two added frames of recovery

- vicinity blast (d,b+2) gives less advantage on block

- the “second” teleport of the EX teleport can be canceled into any attack or movement of your choice


- elbow dash (b,f+2) has push back on block; specific frame data unknown

- armor has been added to EX slide


- takedown (d,b+4) is safe; specific frame data unknown

- EX takedown is faster and covers more distance


- up missile glitch has been fixed to function in strings


- fireball (d,f+2) hits mid

- EX fireball is an overhead

- anti-air grab (d,f+1) is faster and has less recoevry frames

- EX jump stomp has super armor from beginng to end


- EX scream is faster


- more time between dagger cancels has been added

- back throw damage has been reduced to 11%

- slide into up / down slash have been removed

- Skarlet can dash and perform u+3


- b+1,2,2 is 100% safe

- grenades (d,b+1 and d,b+2) have less recovery frames

- EX roll toss has armor for the entire duration

- the second hit of the EX baton sweep is an overhead

Sub Zero

- EX slide has super armor, faster speed, and travels full screen

- the reset combos involving b+2* have been removed

Edited On 23 Sep, 2011

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