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Xbox 360 gets slim transfer cable

Are you having Xbox 360 Slim troubles? More specifically has your slim broken and you have no way of transferring your data to a new console? Well now this option is open to you as Microsoft has announced the release of a new Xbox 360 Slim transfer cable.

Major Nelson revealed the release of the eew cable which will allow  gamers to transfer information between two Xbox 360 Slim consoles.

Currently you can only transfer information from an older Xbox 360 unit to the newer machine, but you can’t transfers between two slim units.

So why is this important? Well it basically allows you to transfer all of your data to a larger HDD, at least that’s the only reason we can think of, as if you have a broken machine we’re guessing you could simply swap the HDD with the new one.

Edited On 27 Sep, 2011

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