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EA: Next SSX won’t be five years away

It’s been a long wait for a new SSX game, however it seems that next time around we will not be waiting so long.

Speaking in an interview with MCV, SSX communications boss Duke Indrasigamany told the site “We don’t want to wait another five years to bring it out again on PS4 or Xbox 720 or whatever.

“But it depends on when the next consoles are due. I don’t know what Microsoft or Sony are planning, but if SSX is successful there’s a lot of things we could really explore. We don’t want to see this franchise go away for a long time. We want to make another one.”

SSX was first released on PS2 way back in the year 2000 and Indrasigamany says that he is hoping the game will appeal to the “old school fans” out there, although he did add that “it’s going to be a challenge to bring it to the current generation of gamers.”

The new SSX is due in January next year, you can pre-order it now on PS3 and Xbox 360 from ShopTo.

Edited On 03 Oct, 2011

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