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Battlefield 3 beta attracts 12 million users

DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson has posted a new update on the Battlefield Blog, revealing that “6 times the number of simultaneous players,” have taken part in the Battlefield 3 Open Beta compared to the Beta for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

To compare numbers, the beta for Battlefield Bad Company 2 was downloaded 2 million times, so doing the maths tells us that 12 million people have now downloaded the beta, which is pretty impressive.

Troedsson also goes on to add that the Battlefield 3 Open Beta is “based on software that is more than one month old.

“We need to test the new back end dedicated server structure we’ve built. Not only have we built a new game engine, but an entirely new back end system so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of dedicated servers on all platforms.

“Just like normal procedure when releasing a game, the Open Beta has had long lead times due to testing, certification, and setting up. This means that the code you are now playing is actually quite early and not representative of the final game.”

Battlefield 3 is out on October 28, for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. You can pre-order a copy here (PC), here (PS3) or here (360).

Edited On 04 Oct, 2011

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