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Rotastic review

After the gaming nightmare that was Dark Souls it is welcoming to have a few casual releases to help re-adjust to normal life and the release of Rotastic is just what the doctor ordered.

Rotastic is what XBLA is all about, simple one screen arcade games that are easy to play but with a challenging level progression. With a very basic presentation that does not clutter up the screen, Rotastic’s main aim is to have you swinging around with one of four characters collecting gems, pulling off stunts and generally staying alive.

Each level is populated by a few anchor points, with your character falling onto the screen and by extending your rope you will grapple which allows you to swing; with well timed releases launching you around the play area. The mechanics are real fun, with some gravity defying slingshot moves allowing you to pull off some crazy stunts that boost scores.

Most levels require you to collect an assortment of gems littered around the screen however there are even more challenges further down the line with obstacles appearing like fire walls, saw blades, cannons firing midget Vikings, and giant birds. To add even more variety level conditions often change from simple collecting all the gems to the occasional versus mode where you are put up against one of the other characters, a timed survival against a barrage of hazards and wooden crate destroying Breakout style levels. Each level has a score requirement attached, with bronze silver and gold helmets awarded and unlocking more levels which also post your scores on a online scoreboard.

The local multiplayer mode allows for up to four players to battle it out over two games modes, one has you fight for gems across a selection of levels with characters unlocked during the single player mode, the other just has you battling against each other. These modes are the same as the single player versus mode, with players swinging around with well placed arcs cutting opponents ropes to give you an edge.

Rotastic is a fun “app” sort of game that would be welcome on a mobile phone. Simple and fun arcade action that offers a few challenges at a decent price.

Rating: Good Review policy

Rotastic is available now on XBLA.

Edited On 01 Oct, 2011

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