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Skyrim finished in two hours

Anyone who has ever played Elder Scrolls Skyrim will know just how many hours it can consume of your life, so imagine our surprise when we heard that someone managed to complete the sequel in just two hours.

The honour goes to QA man Sam Bernstein took on level designer Jeff Brown at studio in order to see who could get to the end the quickest. It was a close contest, however Bernstein managed to finish first, in just 2:16:10 a whole 20 seconds ahead of his rival who finished the game in 2:16:30.

Thankfully Bethedsa aren’t overly concerned that others will be able to achieve the same feat, saying, “our developers have years of experience under their belts and know all the ins and outs for speeding through the game.”

If you are still worried about the games length then know this,  in an identical contest held before Fallout 3 went gold, Bernstein again beat Browne to the prize, finishing the game in just 75 minutes.

Thanks, Bethesda Blog.

Edited On 14 Oct, 2011

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