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Arkham City Sinestro Corps skin comes with Green Lantern

If you are buying the Green Lantern on Blu-ray today then you may be surprised to see that it also includes a Sinestro Corps skin download code for Batman: Arkham City.

Warner’s confirmed the inclusion of the skin in Blu-ray editions of the movie, although it’s not included in the DVD versions, meaning that it’s exclusive to PS3 for now.

According to Warner, “The skin will give users the ability to fight crime with the help of the yellow power of fear, giving Batman a unique yellow costume in the story campaign and in the challenge maps.”

There are certainly plenty of ways to get extra skins for Batman Arkham City, including ordering at ShopTo, which will net you the 70′s outfit.

You can read our just published Batman Arkham City review here.

Arkham City is out on October 18 in the US and October 21 in the UK for PS3, and Xbox 360. You can pre-order a copy by following the links.

Edited On 17 Oct, 2011

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