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Catwoman MIA in certain copies of Arkham City

Not everyone is happy that you need to buy a new copy of Arkham City in order to play as Catwoman. Well imagine the surprise of those who did buy a new copy only to be met with a blank DLC code.

Joystiq is reporting that some users are finding all kinds of problems with Arkham City DLC codes, ranging from their copy not including all the promised DLC codes, to instead receiving multiple codes for the same piece of DLC.

One of the biggest issues though is that some users are opening their copies of the game to find their redemption code blank.

This issue seems to be affecting not only the Catwoman DLC, but also the Joker challenge map and the Robin DLC, although the latter has apparently been fixed now.

Warner in the meantime has said that players “will get to play as the sexy thief,” asking that they “stay tuned” the official twitter account “for updates.”

Edited On 19 Oct, 2011

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