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Global Xbox 360 sales on the decline

Microsoft’s revealed its Q1 FY12 results, showing that Xbox 360 sales are actually down by 0.5 million compared to the same three months last year.

In 2010 Microsoft shipped 2.8 million units worldwide, while in the last three months the hardware giant shipped 2.3 million units.

Despite this drop Xbox 360 revenue has actually increased by seven percent thanks to Xbox Live sales, meaning that hardware giant isn’t worrying about it too much.

Microsoft also announced that the total of Xbox 360 consoles now stands at 57.6 million units worldwide while last we heard (back in June) PlayStation 3 had sold 51.8 million and the Wii 87.6 million. Given four months have passed by then and the price cut we’d expect PS3 to be not too far off Microsoft’s total, perhaps now sitting at around the 54 million mark.

Software sales were also down, although there was no particular reason given for this.

Edited On 21 Oct, 2011

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