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Warhawk fans to join Starhawk private beta in November

Dylan Jobe, President, LightBox Interactive, has today revealed that the Starhawk Private Beta is starting in November and added that Warhawk players in the US and Europe will soon be receiving a special email invite with Starhawk Private Beta keys.

Usually the Private Beta is open to a select few, however it seems that quite a few more will be let in this time. According to Jobe, people will join in waves so the developer can manage the server load, watch the game balance analytics, etc.

“The order in which players are granted access is a dark art known only to Sith-IT-Managers and Gywn, Lord of Cinder,” says Jobes’ “but, suffice it to say it’s a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters.”

Looks like you best be keeping a close eye on your email.

Edited On 21 Oct, 2011

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