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FIFA 12 Vita uses same engine as PS3

EA has revealed that it has managed to use the same engine it uses for FIFA 12 on consoles on the PS Vita.

Speaking all about the handheld version of the game in a new interview with Eurogamer, EA’s Matthew Prior said that the handheld version is “an almost perfect reproduction of the home console version.”

“It’s built entirely on the next gen engine,” Prior said.

“There are certain features on FIFA 12 that we weren’t able to include because we were porting it over and it’s hard to port a moving target. It doesn’t have the new physics engine but everything else is pretty much there.

“The device isn’t as powerful as the PS3 so it’s a testament to our guys that they’ve been able to get the engine onto this device. You’d have to be a super-afficionado of FIFA to notice the difference.”

There are obvious additions to the new game, for example, as we reported a few weeks ago, FIFA 12 Vita will make use of touch controls, with the likes of freekicks and passing making use of this new found system.

“This opens it up to a new level of intelligent play, maybe in the past I could see a killer through-ball in FIFA but couldn’t make that ball as I couldn’t feather the controls right or get the power right. Now you can do it relatively straightforwardly.”

Should touch controls not be for you then Prior did say that you can turn them off, adding that they’ve “not forced users to use the touch screen,” before adding that “it’s just a feature we’ve used to enhance the experience and make it unique to the platform.”

Perhaps the most exciting words from Prior come from the fact that he wasn’t really a big handheld gamer himself, well at least until he got his hands on the Vita.

“This really bridges the gap between consoles and handheld. Previously if you’d compare the Xbox version to the DS game there was a huge drop in quality. Now the Vita brings that console experience into the palm of your hands. It has converted me.”

FIFA 12 for PS Vita is expected to launch alongside the handheld in February. We can’t wait.

Edited On 24 Oct, 2011

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