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Skyrim more like Fallout than Oblivion

Bethedsa’s Todd Howard has said in a recent interview that Skyrim is probably more comparable with Fallout than Oblivion.

Speaking to PC Gamer (via CVG) Howard explained how the developer tweaked the system used in Oblivion, which means that when you face an enemy, you will also face a challenge.

“[Skyrim]‘s a lot more like Fallout 3, where as you level up you are going to see harder things, but the easier things stay around as well. You’ll still run into the weaker stuff and you’ll just decimate it.”

Howard also used the interview to explain how conversations with NPC’s have evolved, explaining that “There’s very few completely random conversations,” before saying that the developer has “gone more towards a system, like Fallout 3″, where characters “have a specific conversation with a specific person about various topics.”

“We realised in Fallout 3 that that kind of environmental storytelling, where you come upon a little scene, is really good… And so we’ve tried to do it a lot more,” he said.

Howard also promised that most dungeons will have something unique, which is obviously a big draw for fans of the RPG series.

Edited On 27 Oct, 2011

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