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PS3 is top selling console in 2011 Worldwide

Nintendo has released some very interesting information in its Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing regarding Worldwide software and hardware sales for all three consoles.

According to the estimated figures released by Nintendo, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the top selling console in the World, with NeoGaf translating the figures on the graphs provided as follows:

(Estimated figures)

2011 YTD HARDWARE SALES            TOTAL     US       EU     JP PS3          6.3    2.42    2.79    1.11 NDS          5.5    2.67    2.26    0.60 360          5.5    3.45    1.98    0.09 3DS          5.0    1.42    1.48    2.15 WII          4.9    2.36    2.01    0.55 PSP          3.9    0.85    1.40    1.60  - US: NPD, Jan to Sep. - JP: Media Create, Week 1 to Week 42. - EU: Nintendo, Week 1 to Week 41.

Interestingly this puts PS3 at almost 1 million units ahead of the Xbox 360, which would seem accurate considering that PS3 consistently outsells the Xbox 360 in both Europe and Japan, while the Xbox 360 generally outperforms PS3 in both the U.S and UK.

On the software side there is some very interesting information; for instance in Europe, Killzone 3 on the PlayStation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360 version of Rockstar’s L.A Noire. While the PS3 version of FIFA 12 is clearly the most popular, going as far as topping the European charts for the period of January – September. Interestingly even Call of Duty Black Ops is performing better on PS3, which is something which we would not have expected.

PS3 franchises such as Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 seems to be performing well, while Epic’s Gears of War 3 also seems to have got off to a strong start.

Software for Wii and DS is still going strong in Europe, with eight titles being represented in the top ten.

In terms of software in the U.S, it’s quite clear and has been well documented that the Xbox 360 is king. In fact Gears of War 3 sees much stronger sales in the U.S, while the PS3 doesn’t even figure until Call of Duty Black Ops makes an appearance at number eight. Unlike Europe there is no sign of any PS3 franchises in the top 20 US Software chart (seen below).

Even though Xbox 360 quite clearly dominates the chart, it’s the Wii and DS which take up the top two spots thanks to Just Dance 2 and Pokemon White version respectively.

Finally, the Japan software sales again show Sony performing strongly, with PSP and PS3 both pulling in the sales. Japanese publishers perform strongly here with Capcom, Namco, Square and Nintendo all represented in the charts. While Sony’s systems do dominate in Japan, interestingly Sony’s own games are nowhere to been seen in the charts.

The hardware figures have certainly been estimated by Nintendo so there is margin for error. The software figures however are most likely accurate given that they have been provided by the NPD and Media Create amongst others.

Thanks, Neogaf.

Edited On 28 Oct, 2011

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