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Move Mind Benders review

What better way to fill a massive black hole that is Move compatible games by gathering a few of the PlayStation Networks better titles and sticking them on a disc. Due to this, I will admit I was a little disappointed when first starting the game, but the Move controller really does change the way you play these classic games for the better, making them enjoyable all over again.

I will offer a word of warning here, not having owned two of these games I cannot confirm if these games have been upgraded since their initial release; both Tumble and Echochrome 2 were already Move titles on the PSN. I own Lemmings but I don’t know if Lemmings has had a Move update prior to this discs release as all attempts to update the game fail. Also what is not clear if these are the same games but on a disc or if they offer completely new levels. This review will be based on the games own merits.

First up and easily the most impressive of the three is Tumble, a block moving puzzle game that requires nerves of steel and a steady hand. Presented as a very dry game show, you are challenged to stack and manipulate varying sizes and styles of blocks. With the Move appearing on the screen, all you do is point and click at a desired block, which will then zip its way to your Move, here it can be flipped and carefully placed on the floor from any angle. You progress through the game by completing challenges and earning medals. There are a few different challenges to complete, with each one requiring different skills and thought processes to master them. The simplest has to be the Build High Challenges where you are given a very small safe zone to start building your tower, stacking different sized blocks to reach the required height. Once you have reached a specific height a “Fail on Fall” activates, adding even more pressure to your lofty task. The Use Them All Challenge gives you a table in which you must place as many items on it as possible, it starts off well with simple blocks but then odder shapes like pyramids and spheres start to appear, requiring some serious balancing skills. For those that like to destroy instead of create there are the Destruction Challenges, where you need to place explosive mines on an already created tower, with the resulting explosion launching blocks onto the score targets below and finally there is a Laser Light Challenge, where you reflect lasers around a course using angles mirrors and coloured blocks and manipulate the light beam to its final target.

The simplicity of the Move really makes this a great game to play and whilst the levels themselves are not overly challenging, getting all of the medals and score attacks will keep you at it for a while.

The most famous on this compilation is Lemmings and it’s still what it has always been, manipulating these little green haired rodents and ensuring they get to their home safely by using a large variety of tools. Stepping away from the controller and using the Move was a breath of fresh air to this well-trodden and constantly remade classic. I had all but forgotten how good this game was with a mouse and the Move is the perfect substitute, in fact, on a nice large TV it feels a lot better. With pinpoint accuracy you are able to highlight your chosen lemming with ease, using commands like dig, block and explode to get them to their final destination, all the while trying not to lose too many. Having played various versions of Lemmings over the years, this one feels better than I ever remember, with great HD graphics and those cute little voices wanting me to play through all the levels all over again.

Finally we have Echochrome 2, a game that completely passed me by the first time around so I am unable to comment if these are new levels or not. Echochrome 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing platform/puzzle game. The aim is to manipulate shadows to allow a safe passage for a stick man; this is done by holding the Move like a torch, with the beams of light hitting platforms and shapes in the front of the screen and creating shadows behind them. As you move the torch around, the shadows create steps, bridges or simple platforms to move the character around, who just happily walks back and forth until they find their goal, of fall to their doom. The levels are extremely well designed, with specific shadows creating all sorts of special items, with balls able to be used as a trampoline, holes in a platform can create drops to get to lower areas and arches that are linked by solid shadows can act as teleporters.

There is a lot of thinking and skill involved in the later levels that leaves the mind straining at times but there always seems to be more than one way to complete the levels. For added longevity there are two other game modes to attempt on each level, with an “echo” collecting mode and a painting the world mode, these offer similar challenges but the simplicity of the main mode outshines all these.

As said earlier, it is unclear if these are new versions of the games already on the PSN, if you own any of these already on the PSN please do wait for an official confirmation before shelling out any cash, however if you are seriously looking for some Move puzzle action, this will keep you entertained for some time.

Rating: GoodReview Policy

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Edited On 04 Nov, 2011

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