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Carnival Island review

Everyone likes to visit the Carnival and now you can do so in your home thanks to the arrival of Carnival Island for the PlayStation Move.

Offering up a collection of mini-games and a story which has you bring colour back to the land, Carnival Island is no doubt firmly aimed at kids and in this respect it does a pretty stellar job. Having tested this game out with my Daughter, Son and his friend, we were able to play through the story, as well as checking out the Party Mode and thanks to the competitive elements of the game, Carnival Island pretty much came out of this test with positive thoughts.

The aim of the game of course is to play through the various areas of the island, taking part in as many Carnival based games and waking up the various animals as you go. There are certainly plenty of games to play through, all of which are variations of popular Carnival Games, therefore you will find yourself shooting hoops, throwing rings around bottles, coin tossing, hammering frogs and shooting at targets.

All of the game included are controlled using the PlayStation Move, which as usual is precise and easy to use. Not once during their playtime did any of the children (as young as five) have any issues using the controller or understanding what it was they had to do in order to play the game. There are also clear instructions before each game starts and given that the only button you need to press is the huge Move button in the centre, it couldn’t be simpler really.

When you first visit a game stand there is generally only one choice, however as you play each game you will be tasked with completing a set amount of challenges. Complete two of these and you will unlock the next variation of the game, which will provide a whole different set of challenges for you to try and complete. Some of the challenges are fairly difficult to pull off, for example, in one challenge based on shooting hoops, all three baskets move, with each one stopping for a small amount of time when you score a basket. In order to complete this particular challenge you somehow had to line up all three baskets and then get the ball through before they all started moving again.

Given that there are nine challenges for each game and given that a new game unlocks when you complete your first two challenges, then you can see that it will take you a while to complete the game in full. The beauty is that even when you do complete the game in full, the mini-games included are so much fun that you can be sure this is a game you will go back to time and again, especially if you have children at home.

In addition to the above, as play the game you will collect tickets and these can be used to buy balloons or visit grannies stall to buy some goodies with. The kids certainly seemed to enjoy collecting tickets, with my little daughter in particular getting very excited about the amount of tickets she was winning each time she played a game, which was only compounded when she managed to wake a new animal alongside them.

Carnival Island does provide a colourful, pleasing to the eye presentation, while each of the characters and the animals which follow you around are well also presented. The mini-games also look great, with not too much going on, therefore avoiding any confusion. As mentioned this game is no doubt aimed at children and it shows, however this is certainly no bad thing.

The multiplayer party games are certainly a big part of what makes Carnival Island so much fun. Multiple players can take part, either with one Move controller or by sharing two. There are two options here, giving you the ability to choose five mini games or you can let the game pick five at random. Once the action begins each player will take turns at each game, with the scores being converted to points at the end of each. Once you complete all of the games you will each be given a score and the boasting can begin. It has to be said that my kids played in this mode for at least three hours without boredom ever creeping in. This was mainly due to the sheer variety of games on offer and of course the ease in which the games can be played.

Of all the games I have played using PlayStation Move, I have to admit that I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one, however Carnival Island surprised me, the sheer variety of games and the fun we had playing saw to that. If you are an adult with no kids then I probably wouldn’t recommend this game, however if on the other hand you need something to keep the children entertained, then Carnival Island would be a good place to start, especially considering its budget price.

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You can order Carnival Island from ShopTo here for just £17.86.

Edited On 07 Nov, 2011

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