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Uncharted 3 aiming fix in the works

Naughty Dog may be set to release an aiming patch for Uncharted 3 following complains both on the Naughty Dog forum and NeoGAF.

Following a meeting between fans and the developer, which was detailed in a thread over on NeoGaf, it seems the developer has been listening to its fans.

“First off, the guys at ND were totally awesome and seemed to be fully genuine in wanting to get a fix together as soon as possible,” says the poster.

“I sat down and played with a couple tweaked versions of the new controls, and they were definitely more in line with the MP and UC2. They seem to have fixed much of the dead zone problems, and are adjusting the sensitivity so you can go even higher than what 100 per cent is now.

“They were literally making changes ON THE FLY as we played, and asking us what we thought of them. They would tweak things like sticky radius, sensitivity, etc.”

“Also, they mentioned motion blur is definitely getting fixed for SP. Very cool. They mentioned more about a patch coming out very soon, but again, Arne has told me not to give anything more specific away.”

It’s great to see that Naughty Dog invited fans to talk over issues and try to help find a solution. It shows how much developers feel about getting their game perfect, although in our eyes Uncharted 3 is already a masterpiece.

Edited On 07 Nov, 2011

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