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Modern Warfare 3 strategy guide has it covered

Brady Games has a history of providing high quality, well illustrated guides and its latest Modern Warfare 3 signature series guide is no different. Splitting up the book into the Single Player, Co-op and Multiplayer sections of the game, Brady has you covered.

Starting with the campaign, Brady’s Modern Warfare 3 guide gives you an overview of each level, its objective and how best to tackle this. There is detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment that you start the game with, a guide to where to find the hidden enemy intel laptops which are spread throughout each level and also details of each achievement/trophy that can be earned along the way.

As you would expect each section provides a detailed description of how to get through the level, providing clear maps and screenshots along the way, all of which provide a handy reference point if you find yourself struggling at any particular point.

While the campaign isn’t too taxing to get through, the main use of the book here will be in finding extras and getting the hints you need in order to improve your achievement/trophy haul.

Moving on to the co-op section of the book again provides you a detailed and comprehensive list of everything you need to get through as many levels as possible. Spec Ops is the main focus here, with Brady giving a guide to getting through the co-op campaign and more importantly the Survival Mode. Personally I feel the Survival section is very useful, giving details on how the types of enemies you will have to face up to in each wave and providing tips and strategies for getting through them.

Another useful part of this section is the full illustrated maps, which help you get a feel for each of this modes layouts of each area.

The final section and the largest area of the guide concentrates on the multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here you are treated to the most detailed guide anywhere, which includes maps; the main changes to the game since the last version; highly detailed information on each of the weapons and their attachments; classes (including custom classes),  proficiencies; equipment and perks.  Everything you need to know about how to improve your character as you level up is here, which is very handy because if you are not a regular to the series then these things can actually be very confusing.

Finally, in addition to the high quality maps and load out suggestions provided at the back of book, Brady has also included very detailed charts giving information on the multiplayer modes challenges and also a list of the level unlocks for weapons and equipment.

There is no doubt that you can get a lot of this information on the internet if you search hard enough, however it won’t be provided to you in such a comprehensive way. Not only is this guide a fantastic companion to the game, it is also a brilliantly illustrated and high quality guide.

Edited On 11 Nov, 2011

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