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Start The Party: Save the World review

When the PlayStation Move launched last year Start the Party was a good companion. It provided a lot of fun mini games, all of which helped to show off the capabilities of the motion controller. Move on one year and we are now set to welcome the sequel, known as Start the Party: Save the World, so lets talk party games.

Save the World, like the previous game, relies on augmented reality to place you into the adventure. Well I say adventure, but the truth is that Save the World is just a series of mini games which are designed with the aim of getting you and your friends to compete against each other while sharing a laugh and a good time. Hence why we called this a party game.

There are around 20 individual mini-games included in Save the World, all of which are glued together with the story, which sees Dr Terrible trying to destroy the World. The story just seems to be there as a theme in order to bring all of the games together, providing a colourful backdrop to the mini-games but no real substance.

Start The Party: Save the World is broken down into three parts, first up is the multiplayer which provides you with the option of Quick Play and Party Play. Quick Play allows you and up to four players to quickly play through a set amount of games over three rounds. Here you are met with some quick fire games which you play through quickly gaining as high a score as possible. The controller will then be passed onto the next player, who obviously has to do their very best to beat your score. At the end of the round scores are tallied up, with the overall winner being announced at the end of the third round.

Party Mode is similar in nature to Quick play except here you get a chance to play each game for a longer period of time. At the beginning you can choose how long you want the round to last, choose your players and then begin. As with Quick Play, you simply make your way through each round playing a variety of games, then at the end a winner will be chosen.

There are a few points worth mentioning from the multiplayer, for example at the start of the game when you choose your player, you can take a picture of yourself and also record your name, the outcome of some of these moments can be quite fun. Another interesting feature is that you can use the Dualshock during the game to help or hinder the player in control of the PlayStation Move, for example in one game you need to build a robot while it’s moving along a conveyor belt, however, the person in charge of the dualshock can make the conveyor belt go faster or side to side, making it a lot more difficult for the person trying to build the robot.

Moving on to the single player you are met with two options, Survivor and Freeplay. The Survivor mode basically sees you playing through each game with the aim of trying to score as many points as possible before the bar on the right hand side of the screen reaches empty. The more you score, the more the bar fills up. It’s quite simple really, but also quite fun trying to get through the games while the pressure is on.

Freeplay mode obviously explains itself, allowing you to play through any of the games 20 mini games, either in order to practice or get your name at the top of the leaderboards. The mini games are quite varied, having you capture fish; fly a space ship while shooting at enemies; walking along in a large robot shooting at anything that moves and a whole lot more.

As mentioned each game uses augmented reality to put you in the game and this works extremely well, with my personal favourite, Robot Blast, looking particularly impressive.

The main worry about Start The Party: Save the World is that you will only dust it off occasionally, it’s not really the sort of game you will find yourself playing all of the time, however like the last game in the series it’s well presented, it works well and it’s also a lot of fun, especially when you have up to four players joining in.

Start The Party: Save the World is still not quite the killer app that the PlayStation Move has been looking for, however if you own the controller then for a budget price this will certainly keep you and your friends entertained for a few hours over the festive period.

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You can order Start The Party: Save the World from ShopTo here.

Edited On 15 Nov, 2011

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