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PlayStation 3 turns five today

The PlayStation 3 is five today. Launched in the US on November 17, 2006, Sony’s machine may have met a few issues along the way, but today it’s a machine to be celebrated.

Many anticipated the release of the PlayStation 3, which was always going to find itself with a lot of work to do thanks to the hugely popular PS2 and of course the Xbox 360, which launched a year earlier and was already making a splash.

The PS3 certainly had its problems, lacking in features that many had come to expect as standard and also seeing games which were perhaps not as high in quality as their Xbox 360 counterpart due to developers struggling to get to grips with the hardware.

There was one thing going for the system though. Sony. The hardware giant has always been brilliant at supporting its machines and the PlayStation 3 is no different. Thanks to a huge catalogue of exclusives, firmware updates and of course Blu-Ray becoming a standard format, it wasn’t long before the PlayStation 3′s sales started to pick up and this is why it now finds itself as the current best selling console in the World, slowly catching up to the overall sales of the Xbox 360 thanks to its stronger sales in Europe and Japan, although its unlikely it will ever catch up in the US.

PlayStation 3 fans have always had plenty to shout about thanks to excellent exclusives such as Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance and Killzone. It could be argued that the PlayStation Network has also been a place to find some gems, with Joe Danger, the Pixeljunk series and other innovative games such as Flower and Flow, bringing a touch of sophistication to the console. The machine of course wouldn’t be a success without some of the risks Sony has taken, risks which have introduced us to LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain and of course the PlayStation Move.

Having gone through the inevitable hardware change, starting off as a massive black block, to the sexier piece of kit we see today, PlayStation 3 continues to grow from strength to strength.

We don’t expect to see a new PlayStation for at least another two to three years, after all Sony does love its 10 year life cycle, however we are quite happy with the PlayStation 3 anyway and are sure that it will continue to evolve.

Happy Birthday PlayStation 3, here’s to our future together.

Edited On 17 Nov, 2011

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