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PETA’s “tongue-in-cheek” Mario attack backfires

PETA have angered Mario fans after posting a “tongue-in-cheek” game on its website which involves a skinless tanuki chasing Mario to get his fur back.

It seems that Nintendo fans took this the wrong way, with PETA’s media coordinator, Shakira Croce coming out to defend the firms actions.

“Mario fans: Relax! PETA’s game was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a fun way to call attention to a serious issue, that raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur.”

The controversial campaign is still on the website and it seems that PETA have been surprised about the reception it has received. The tanuki is a Japanese raccoon that is often hunted for its fur. Although this campaign was apparently a joke it seems to have hit a nerve with many Mario fans.

The game is sensationally entitled “Mario kills Tanuki” and can now be played on PETA’s website. It seems no-one complained about jumping on turtles.

Edited On 17 Nov, 2011

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