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Nielsen wishlist survey shows what kids want for Xmas

Nielsen has released the results of a U.S survey of children in the US, showing the consumer electronics they are interested in buying in the next six months.

The first table concentrates on the under 12′s showing that devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and handheld’s such as the 3DS, prove very popular amongst children, although the iPad is the clear winner with 44% of the vote.

Further down the list is the Xbox 360, although it still manages to gather 23% of the vote compared to the PS3′s 17%.

Moving on to the over 12′s list tells an entirely different story, with the Wii (9%) and PS3 (9%) actually over taking the Xbox 360 (8%) in popularity, although only just. The real stars of the show on this list is the iPad, again sitting well ahead of the competition.

The lists make interesting reading, so check them out below.

Thanks, MoonMatter.

Edited On 18 Nov, 2011

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