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Dizzy confirmed for iOS and Android

Codemasters has today announced that Dizzy is indeed back and will arrive on iPad, iPhone and Android devices on Friday, 9th December.

Dizzy’s gaming heritage goes as back to 1987 when he was first created by Philip and Andrew Oliver, for the original game Dizzy. Now heading Blitz Games Studios, the Olivers have welcomed Dizzy’s return:

“It always astounds us what a loyal fan base Dizzy still has,” says Philip Oliver. “Even after all these years people remember Dizzy fondly and it’s great to see him return for his older fans and introduce him to a new generation of gamers.”

Adds Andrew Oliver: “Dizzy Prince of the YolkFolk was one of the most popular Dizzy titles and it’s exciting to see him making his debut iOS and Android for the holidays.”

The iOS and Android editions of Dizzy: Prince of the YolkFolk are being developed by DNA Interactive, with Paul Ranson, the game’s original project director, heading development.

“20 years on and Dizzy: Prince of the YolkFolk remains one of the most memorable games in the series for its puzzles and humour and it’s an absolute pleasure to return to the director’s role for this HD edition,” says Paul Ranson, development director, DNA Interactive.

“For once, this is a retro classic that doesn’t require rose-tinted glasses to appreciate its design and gameplay – Dizzy: Prince of the YolkFolk is simply a great puzzle-solving romp that’s been brought up-to-date with glorious visuals.”

We can’t wait and who knows, if you buy enough copies maybe it’ll arrive on consoles too.

Edited On 23 Nov, 2011

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