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PlayStation Plus cloud saves may not be required for Vita

PlayStation Plus subscription will not be required for some of the cloud game save capabilities between the Vita and PS3 hardware.

SPoNG is reporting that Evolution Studios newly announced title, Motorstorm RC, will not require gamers to be subscribed to Plus, even though it allows save games and data to be transferred from console to handheld via the cloud for free.

The only way to access cloud saves at the moment is to subscribe PlayStation Plus, which allows you to upload save games to the cloud, which in turn gives you the ability to download them on another console. However, according to lead designer Paul Rustchynsky,  the studio has “figured a way around it.

“We’ve worked really hard to ensure that the save file is just a tiny packet of data, so transferring it across two different platforms in this way will not be a huge burden.”

Rustchynsky was unsure if this was something that other developers were planning, however he said that Evolution will be looking to continue this way of thinking.

WipEout 2048 will also allow cross-platform game saves via the cloud and it’s though this will follow the same principles.

Edited On 23 Nov, 2011

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