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Urban Trails trailer debuts

The latest PS Vita game to provide us with a debut trailer has arrived, in the shape of Urban Trials.

We have to say that we haven’t heard much about this one, however having checked out the official website, it looks very similar to the excellent XBLA game Trials HD. In fact looking at the screens below sent us on a frantic search to see if developer Tate Media is in anyway related to Red Lynx, developer of Trials, however it seems that the name and similar looks are just a happy coincidence as far as we can see.

This game was on the list of launch games announced back at Gamescom, however it seems not much has been known until now. We have listed the features below the screens.

Check out the screens and the video for this PS Vita launch title below.

Urban Trials brings players to abandoned districts of city where speed, agility and ability to improvise are the key. Survive the crazy ride through forbidden areas of the city and be the best among other undeground riders. Perform some truly amazing stunts with Trial Bikes and you‘ll be hooked for endless replay…! The game challenges the player to master the handling of the bike and take advantage of every slope and road bump on a track.Key features:Amazing physics engine – you‘ll believe you‘re there on the track in the abandoned districts of a city!Intuitive controls mapping – fun to play, hard to masterMultiple trial bikes to unlock and master on over 30 different obstacles packed tracksMultiple game modes and difficulty levels:

  • Race mode
  • Skill mode
  • ghost racing

Stunning graphics pushing handheld and next GEN systems to their limitsSpeed, agility, roadbumps, slopes, spectacular crashes, and obstacles are key challenges for endless replayOnline and Community

  • Post your top speeds, high scores and ghosts to your community site
  • Skirmish matches are set up between teams and players
  • Visitors can review season results and driver/team standings

Best players are rewarded and new stars are born

Edited On 28 Nov, 2011

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