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Ridge Racer Vita DLC detailed

We already told you that Ridge Racer Vita will include just three tracks and five cars which seems a little lacking, well fear not because Famitsu magazine has released a DLC schedule for the game along with pricing information.

According to Famitsu (As translated by Andriasang), publisher Namco Bandai is planning weekly download content for the game, starting just after its release in Japan on December 22. The first lot of content will be a free DLC music pack featuring music from past Ridge Racer games. The music downloads will continue in January and February with free weekly music packs.

Once February gets here, the paid DLC also arrives (just in time for the European launch). February 23 will see at least one car priced ¥250 and one course priced ¥400. In March three cars and two courses will be released, although these have not been priced and finally in April and May will see four cars and three courses released, again there is no price for these.

The magazine also reveals that some of the DLC will be available in bundle form. On February 16, you can buy a pack with all the DLC through May for ¥1,600. This will be discounted to ¥1,000 from February 29.

Obviously this is Japan specific for the moment, but it still gives us an idea of what Namco is planning and there is no doubt this will be similar for the West.

Edited On 29 Nov, 2011

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