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Richard Garriott says consoles are doomed

Ultima creator Richard Garriott has said that he feels the end of the home console is getting close. Speaking in an interview with Industry Gamers, Garriott said,  “I think we might get one more generation,might, but I think fundamentally they’re doomed.

“I think fundamentally the power that you can carry with you in a portable is really swamping what we’ve thought of as a console.”

It does seem a little early to call consoles doomed, when the Xbox 360 has just sold 960,000 last week alone, 800,000 of which were shifted in one day and while he may be correct that portable devices are becoming a mainstay, we don’t think this will really impact on consoles.

Handheld portable devices are certainly becoming more powerful, but it’s hardly fair to say they will replace the console, after all the smaller screen of a portable could never replicate the experience given on a 40-50 inch TV set.

It’s also hard to see how epic games such as Skyrim and Uncharted 3 would feel on a portable, let’s face it they would never feel the same.

What do you think, are consoles doomed?

Edited On 30 Nov, 2011

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