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23 Games until Xmas: Brink

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have taken this list and will reveal a game each day until December 24, at which point we will unveil our number one game of the year.

There are some fantastic titles on the way and when the final game is revealed, that’s where you come in.

Once the number one game has been revealed we will then create a poll with all 24 games and ask you to vote on your own personal game of the year, this poll will run from December 24 until January 2nd, at which point we will announce the ShopToNews readers Game of The Year 2011.

We hope you are enjoying counting down our best 24 games of the year with us and if you have just joined us then make sure you check out the other games in the list.

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23 Games until Xmas: Brink

After tackling instalments in id Software’s Wolfenstein and the Quake franchises, Brink was developer Splash Damage’s first game to take place entirely in its own universe, which is one of the main reasons why Brink has made our list. For a title that focuses most of its attention on a multiplayer experience, the amount of effort put into creating the game’s unique city, known as The Ark, is extraordinary. The city provides accommodation for 50,000 survivors after a devastating flood destroys civilization as we know it, although the city’s original occupiers are forced into the slums, before standing up for themselves and starting a revolution.

Brink is also helped along by Splash Damage’s SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) system, which judges a player’s next move based on their positioning and allows them to run, climb, jump and slide their way around the game’s maps almost effortlessly. The simple parkour mechanics allow for fast paced, on-foot chases and add an extra level of verticality to the maps, which helps to set the game apart from other titles in the crowded FPS genre.

As previously mentioned, multiplayer is the go-to mode for some FPS fun here, but that’s not to say the game’s campaign doesn’t deserve a look. The game’s story hasn’t exactly gone down in history as one of the best, but the campaign has the ability to provide hours of fun, by asking the player to complete a variety of objectives over a range of maps, alone or with a friend. The relentless action and fast-paced movement will help to prepare you for the superior, more polished multiplayer mode, if nothing else.

Brink may have split critics down the middle, receiving an average score of 72/100 on Metacritic (we rewarded it with a “good” in our review), when it launched back in May, but the game has expanded and improved since then, helping it to garner an army of dedicated fans.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap Christmas present, or something to keep you entertained during the holidays, Brink is a no-brainer at £9.85 (PC), £12.85 (PS3) and £14.86 (Xbox 360).

Do you own Brink? Have you played it or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 02 Dec, 2011

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