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19 Games until Xmas: Dead Island

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have taken this list and will reveal a game each day until December 24, at which point we will unveil our number one game of the year.

There are some fantastic titles on the way and when the final game is revealed, that’s where you come in.

Once the number one game has been revealed we will then create a poll with all 24 games and ask you to vote on your own personal game of the year, this poll will run from December 24 until January 2nd, at which point we will announce the ShopToNews readers Game of The Year 2011.

We hope you are enjoying counting down our best 24 games of the year with us and if you have just joined us then make sure you check out the other games in the list.

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19 Games until Xmas: Dead Island

Thanks to a very controversial trailer at the beginning of this year, Dead Island was on everyone’s radar. The game is set on the beautiful fictional island of Banoi, a holiday resort just off of Papua New Guinea that ends up being overrun by vicious zombies. It is then up to you help survivors, find out what has happened and most importantly, get off the island!

The game features hundreds of weapons from a rowing oar to an electrified machete and everything in between as well as giving you the choice between one of four characters, each with their own special set of skills and Dead Island’s Co-op mode allows you and three friends to fend off the hordes.

Dead Island is the game that makes you realise how rubbish you will be in a zombie apocalypse. The constant fear of a zombie creeping up behind you and chewing your face is only balanced by the games visual details. The giant open world adds to the experience of survival meaning you can actually run for miles to avoid a zombie if you’re too scared to face it, even though you will probably run into more of them. Each cut scene adds to the well thought out story and as you visit each area of Banoi you must face harder problems and even more terrifying zombies.

Dead Island more than deserves to be on our list. Sure it has received mixed reviews on Metacritic, currently sitting on an average rating of 71/100 on, however as you can see from our review, we loved its, slightly imperfect, action.

Given that Dead Island is currently selling for Just over £25 on ShopTo, we reckon it’s a bargain. You can order the game here (Xbox 360), here (PS3) or here (PC).

Do you own Dead Island? Have you played it or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 06 Dec, 2011

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