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20 games until Xmas: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

24 Games until Xmas is our special feature to build up to the end of the year, however that is not all.

Each member of staff was asked to provide their top twenty four games of the year; we have taken this list and will reveal a game each day until December 24, at which point we will unveil our number one game of the year.

There are some fantastic titles on the way and when the final game is revealed, that’s where you come in.

Once the number one game has been revealed we will then create a poll with all 24 games and ask you to vote on your own personal game of the year, this poll will run from December 24 until January 2nd, at which point we will announce the ShopToNews readers Game of The Year 2011.

We hope you are enjoying counting down our best 24 games of the year with us and if you have just joined us then make sure you check out the other games in the list.

Here’s the next…

20 games until Xmas – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In the summer lull we don’t expect great games, we expect to see the movie tie-ins that no one will buy and the odd board game conversions that no-one plays. So to have a big blockbuster like Deus Ex: Human Revolution land at the end of August was a shock and to many a warning that there might be something wrong with the game. However, any naysayers have been put to rest with what can only be described as the most brilliantly accomplished First-Person Roaming game to grace our screens this year.

Deus Ex tells the story of Adam Jensen and what turns out to be his rebirth. In the beginning of the game you as Adam, are for all intents and purposes killed. There is no two ways about it, although from what seems the shortest game in gaming history comes a rebirth as Adam is rebuilt with a selection of sexy augmentations. These augmentations are basically cybernetic add-on’s, think Robocop and you’ve got it completely. From here, Adam; as Head of Security for a mega-corp that makes this cybernetic augmentations, travels around the world investigating the attack that almost killed him and the group that killed his sometime on/sometime off girlfriend. Who said that games can’t do deep storylines, huh?

The main reason that Deus Ex: Human Revolution appears on our list is the strength of gameplay and story. The game weaves an amazing tale that takes in political intrigue, conspiracies and plot twists galore. Furthermore, the world that has been created is dynamic and almost feels like it is alive, not only that but it integrates a series of single plot side missions into this constantly changing world. The use of the augmentations as an upgrade system allows for you to create your own playthrough from the start. As the story is branching each of your choices of upgrade affects the options you have as the game progresses. But also the upgrades affect how you play the game and you can develop your own style akin to the augments that you choose.

As an experience Deus Ex is an accomplished title that offers something for every kind of gamer. The use of a branching and moral based storyline allows for replayability that is rarely seen in a First Person Shooter.

To see a more in-depth analysis of the game, and our thoughts on it, click here to read our review. You can order Deus Ex: Human Revolution from ShopTo on X360, PS3 and PC.

Do you own Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Have you played it or are you considering it? Let us know in the comments field below.

Edited On 05 Dec, 2011

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