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2011: ” The biggest year for e-sports”

Today, Major League Gaming (MLG), the largest competitive video game league in the world, announced that their 2011 Pro Circuit was the most successful yet, where it pulled in a staggering 3.5 million unique views during their weekend events.

MLG spanned out over six different weekends this year in various locations, one of which was their national championship event in Providence, Rhode Island during November the 18th-20th, where it drew in a whopping 241,000 viewers during their peak times. These view figures were pulled in from 175 different countries, most of which were predominantly from USA, but we also seen viewers from the likes of Germany, Sweden, Canada and the United Kingdom.

These figures at the Providence event were suggested, as each event had broken the record set by its predecessor. Whilst views were at an all time high, attendance also rose, where over 97,000 people attendant the 2011 circuit – 16,000 of those were at Providence alone.

MLG’s CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni, had this to say:  “Our viewership numbers this year have been staggering and MLG now pulls in larger audiences than several traditional television cable networks”. He also had this to say about their demographic: “Our LIVE streams of the Pro Circuit National Championships garnered more 18-24 male viewers than Comedy Central, MTV, TBS, and FX draw in an average quarter hour and nearly as many as Adult Swim.”

With successful results such as those, the sky is the limit for MLG right now as they approach 2012, with the hopes of yet another record breaking year.

Edited On 06 Dec, 2011

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