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Yet more ‘Title Fight’ details revealed

The following post should be regarded as rumour, after all, as far we know Title Fight still doesn’t officially exist right?

Anyway, The Paul Gale Network, which seems to be very much in the know about this particular game, has went live with a new Q&A regarding Sony and Superbot’s mega fighter.

Apparently, the game will include two female characters, one of which is Fat Princess (the other is a mystery, perhaps it’s Nariko from Heavenly Sword?). It’s also said that, so far, there are no character included from third party games, although that’s not to say it won’t happen. Jak & Daxter and even Parappa the Rapper will also be included in the game.

As far as the levels go, PGN says that The Bridge of Asylia from Lair is being considered as one of the stages. According to the site “one idea is to have a stage-exclusive item be a Sixaxis controller and when you pick it up, your character will jump on the back of General Atta-Kai’s Blood Dragon which Rohn is riding, and you’ll have to tilt the actual controller back and forth to unleash a fiery blast on your three opponents below.”

There is no indication if this game will be revealed at the Spike VGA’s.

So there we go. More information when it arrives.

Edited On 07 Dec, 2011

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