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Dead Rising 3 set in California, stars Rick

Dead Rising 3 is set in California and stars a new lead character known as Rick, says a new report.

According to Siliconera, the unannounced game is set in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, which is locked down and under martial law following, yes you guessed it, a zombie outbreak.

The game is said to introduce a new character known as Rick, whose background story includes growing up as an orphan and working as an auto mechanic.

Dead Rising 3 also seems to deal with the issue of illegal immigration as another new character, known as Red, leads an underground group of “illegals,” which are infected people that aren’t registered by the government. Annie, Red’s girlfriend is a runaway that’s sympathetic to the infected. While some survivors are helpful, others went berserk.

Interestingly there is no mention of Frank West, who only Yesterday teased that he was packing his bags for a new adventure. Could he also be making an appearance?

We expect to hear a lot more on this at the Spike VGA’s which take place at 1am on Sunday morning UK time.

Edited On 09 Dec, 2011

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